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About Us

Hi lovelies, let me tell you a little bit about my life. My name is Valerie McKiernan and I live with my little fam bam right here in Gilbert, Arizona. I wanted a space for creativity and art to come together in a pleasing and on trend environment where people could come and gather to make memories and have a great time. I’ve always loved art, crafting and hosting parties so a creative venue just seemed like the perfect combination of it all. An upscale entertainment facility (minus the plethora of amazing dining spots) seemed to be lacking in Gilbert. Whether I turned for something unique to do with my husband for date nights, friends for a girls night out or even something to do with my babes that would be evenly as enjoyable for them as for me, the place I had always wished for had not existed. So here we are.

My hopes are for The Art House to flourish and be a place for young and old to enjoy themselves and make lasting memories right here in the heart of Gilbert.

"We loved it! We had such a good time. Everything was awesome! The class, the instructor, the atmosphere and the wine :) "

-Cecilia G