Art House Kids will offer a variety of creative classes such as craft hour, tinker hour, exploration playgroups, summer art camps, and open studios. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for your kiddo to express their creativity at their own pace in an independent way that is comfortable for them. 

Your child will be given an open invitation to create or explore in a fun and friendly environment with colorful supplies and materials. Art not only promotes creativity it also importantly builds fine motors skills, promotes positive problem solving abilities, helps children connect on a neutral level and encourages self-awareness and confidence.  

Each child will go home with an original work of art that they chose to uniquely create with the materials offered from our craft hours, camps and open studios. 

Staff will be available to help your child bring their vision to life when wanted, yet will encourage them to independently choose how they would like to utilize the materials offered. Parents are encouraged to sit back, enjoy their complimentary cold brew and the company of the other parents. However, parents are always more than welcome to join their child in sharing their creative journey.