The Art House is an instructor-led creative venue. We host classes and events that allow you to discover your inner artist.


My wife and I love the Art House - Blake Jacques
Our creative painting classes and workshops provide a relaxed yet high-energy environment for the perfect day or night outing. Come join us for unique instructor guided parties and yummy drinks!

Whether or not you consider yourself a creative person, our professional art instructors are trained to take you confidently from start to finish through each exciting painting class and workshop.

At The Art House it is important to us that you not only have a great time, we also want you to take home a mod work of art that will fit the functionality and trends of today’s interior decor. This will definitely be something you can display proudly! Why spend money to create something that you will not end up hanging in your home? 

Join us with you significant other, friends, family, co-workers or even neighbors for our next addictively fun class.

Valerie McKiernan – Owner

Hi lovelies, let me tell you a little bit about my life. My name is Valerie McKiernan and I live with my little fam bam right here in Gilbert, Arizona.

I’m married to the love of my life and my high school sweetheart, Kevin McKiernan and we have two beautiful and perfect little babes together. I became a mommy in March of 2012 to Hudsyn who is the biggest sunshine. She is the most amazing, confident and free-spirited little gal a mommy could ever ask for. READ MORE…

Valerie McKiernan – Owner



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